Institutional  investor

How to develop the financial model and investment case?

How to navigate project complexities and negotiate key commercial terms?


-          gaps in project planning, compromising the exit strategy

-          loopholes in performance obligations, leading to financial setbacks

-          missing out on maximum ROI, by not selecting the best technology



How to make the business plan most attractive to venture capitalists?

What changing market and technology trends are likely to affect the business?




Examples of client engagements

Executive briefings available upon request


Government authority

What set of regulatory policies  will speedily deliver high quality projects?

How to plan and procure the optimal renewable energy plant?

CAUTION, avoid:

-          overpriced, underperforming projects

-          investing in incongruent projects for the total energy portfolio

-          wasting precious locations for sub-optimal projects


Project developer

What are the various options to arrange low-cost project finance?

How to comprehensively plan for and allocate risks to suitable parties?



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