What materials are in demand for the renewables and energy efficiency supply-chains?

What price and performance specifications to target?

How to take an early lead and establish competitive barriers?


Venture capitalists

What is the competitive potential, can the enterprise make a sufficient market splash?

How to detect early and remedy the business vulnerabilities?


-          investing in zombie start-up, lack of ambition and creativity

-          rigid business strategy, unable to adapt to changing circumstances

-          misfit for industrial supply-chain



Examples of client engagements

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Renewable energy/solar industry

What underserved market opportunities can be targeted for rapid growth?

How do develop persuasive business models for new markets?

How to target and secure a greater share of the customer demand pattern?


Energy consumers

How to source cleaner and cheaper energy, but staying competitive?

How to minimise longer-term financial uncertainty in energy consumption?


-          short-sighted planning, volatile fuel costs reducing operational profitability

-          falling foul of tightening environmental standards

-          rear-view mirror planning, unaware of the latest options